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Heifetz/Barbirolli is still my favorite by far. I have trouble listening to others after Heifetz.

There are few others that I do listen to from time to time and get pleasure from listening to, though. Gitlis recorded the work with characteristic devilishness, and Morini's two recordings are model of purity (although there is a slight ensemble mishap in the second version). Bronislaw Gimpel's dazzling recording is "stranded" in LP (not reissued on CD. What a shame!). Michel Schwalbe's live recording (from Biddulph) is fine too, although it is marred by a slight mishap in the last movement because of absent-minded flautist jumped in too early.

Szeryng's recording (sadly unavailable on CD) is very different and "un-virtuostic" to the extreme. He plays the work as if it is written by Brahms or something. One of his more controvertial recording. Another slow ones are two recordings by Elman. He takes all his time finding the notes in the high register (well, not exactly smile.gif , but he does play quite a bit slower than almost anybody that I heard, including Szeryng).


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Jan Kubelik plays my favorite #2 concerto 3rd movement.

It's one of the few out there that doesn't succumb to inordinate rushing, and it's the jauntiest of the recordings I've heard.

The technique isn't always perfect, but they had no corrective splicing in those days and the music is strong enough that it really doesn't matter.

The cutest thing is that he blows the violin entrance that comes after the "fast" part.

When I played this piece with orchestra 13 years ago, I screwed up in the exact same place during a concert!

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