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What ages use a 1/4 size violin?


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I asked once a long while ago about what size violin my little sister, who is 8, should use. The general answer that I got was that there really was no age for different sizes, because one 8-year old child may need a certain size, but another 8-year old might be bigger and need a different size.

Is there a dealer in your area? If there is, you should go by sometime, bring your daughter with you and find the corect size. The general guideline from the folks on this board is to get the largest size that the child can comfortably reach to the scroll and hold it in their hand, while haveing the violin in the playing position.

Hope that that helped and made sense. smile.gif


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It doesn't go by age, it goes by size. Going on your daughter's age, she could be anywhere from 1/16 to 1/4 (1/4 would be big for a three year old I think... maybe not).

Go to a shop, have her sized. Or order a 1/8 and decide on a trial basis if that's to big or small. I recommend going to a shop. Good luck.

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My daughter is almost 5 and quite tall for her age. She started 1 year ago we were told to get a 1/10th, she still uses the 1/10 though I've been bugging her teacher about when to move to 1/8. (her 1/10 sounds really bad and I'm going to be much more picky at the rental shop next time) The 2-3 year olds often use a 1/32. The shops are kind of random about what size they recommended, though teachers have very STRONG opinions. I've found they tend to prefer an instrument that's on the small side, rather than too large.

The rule of thumb I'd heard was put the violin in playing position and see if her left hand can curl up over the end of the scroll. If yes, then you have the right size.

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