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Millant Deroux rosin


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I think Millant-Deroux is a fine rosin. This, is the one that comes in a clear plastic cylinder with a red top. The rosin itself is dark in color, but has more characteristics of a "light" rosin.

The same company also sells "Gold & Silver", a light-colored rosin with a yellow cap on the cyliner that is also very fine, maybe even better - at least in my climate.

Then there is "Jade" rosin, also from Milland-Deroux - a dark jade green and sticky. With a beautiful jade-green cap on the clear plastic cylinder. For some bows on some cellos in some climates at some times, this is useful to have around.

Finally, there is a M-D bass rosin - too sticky for the rest of us to contemplate.

All the M-D rosin cakes are mounted on cloth squares sufficient in size for all practical needs.

Ifshin Violins in Berkeley has enthusiastically recommended the first two first of these Millant-Deroux rosins to me - and they include the red-topped with their rental instruments, and sell them at very reasonable prices.


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The Gold & Silver is great stuff -- leaves very little powder on the strings, is just sticky enough to get a good grab, and produces a very clear tone. It's what I'm using now.

My instrument (which is unusually responsive) is enormously sensitive to rosins -- both the quality/composition and the amount. Thus far, the Gold & Silver is what it appears to tolerate best.

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I settled on the M-D after trying everything I could get my hands on a few years ago. It seemed the best for me by far.

I had not noticed the Gold & Silver and am now anxious to try it. I don't ever use much rosin as I cannot abide build up on my strings. Since I began playing Obligatos, I seem to get a worse build up on my strings than in all the years I played Dominants. No explanation, just an observation.

Do you think that I should wait for a rehair to try the G&S on a bow?

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I haven't used the Bernadel but I have used Hill (light and Dark) Millant-Deroux and Pirastro Goldflex which was my favorite until this past weekend. A friend brought back "Jade" from a workshop to a gig our quartet was playing. With my permission he wiped my bow with a towel and applied the Jade with astonishing results. It produced a huge, smooth tone immediately apparent to the other plays who, in turn after each subsequent piece, wiped and applied the rosin with similar results. On Sunday I showed the rosin to several violinists/violists prior to a concert in which I played. After the performance all three came up to me and asked how they could get it. I really have never experienced anything quite so dramatic - it was certainly as large a difference as I have obtained by switching various string brands between Enfeld, Obligatos, Domninants etc. Apparently one local store is stocking it - initially at the request of the touring "Riverdance" company fiddlers but Shar does not stock it yet - I called them today to suggest they should.

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I got a Jade last week. To ensure accurate comparision, I cleaned the bow hair thoroughly. In my opinion, it is stickier than Bernadel. It is supposed to be "dust-free," but I didn't notice any difference. Bernadel produces very little dust, so this may be the reason. Jade is a very nice rosin, but it is not really suitable for me.

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I will post again the links for the rosin from eBay. I bought them from Brice (4violin) and have bought from him before. He ships very quickly and I have had no problem buying his merchandise. The rosin will not go above the $5 bid with $1 for shipping.



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Originally posted by violagirl8:

Here are some 'newbie' questions:

How much of a difference does different rosin make?

How expensive can rosin get?

Just curious...I've been using the same rosin for...5 years I think...it came with my first viola! Does rosin 'expire'?!?

1. It can make a pretty big difference, within limits. The cheap stuff can make your fiddle sound raspy and cover it with lots of dust while a better quality rosin will shed less dust and sound better. But there's going to be less difference between any two good rosins than between a good rosin and a cheap one.

2. I've seen some really, really fine Japanese rosin go for $23.

3. Not that I know of.

Hope this helps,


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I have Hill light, Hill dark, and M-D in my case. I use the Hill light in the summer when it is hot. Right now I am using the M-D rather than the Hill dark, mainly because the little plastic case it comes in is easier to deal with than the elastic thing that you use to close the top of the Hill cloth that the rosin is stuck to. I find both to be good for me.

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I wiped my bow-hair (as best I could) and tried the Millant-Deroux "light" rosin for the first time today. Those who said M-D is a great rosin were right..it's nice and even, has easy application, and the amount of grip is just fine on my viola strings. Also, the protective plastic cylinder packaging is an asset.. I still like the Pirastro Goldflex but I also highly recommend Millant-Deroux now. I have yet to try the Gold and Silver.

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