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Vengerov plays works by Dvorak, Elgar


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New Release date here in the states?

Jan 16 thats today!

1. Concerto for Violin in A minor, Opus 53

Composed by Antonín Dvorák

2. Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor, Opus 82 Composed by Sir Edward Elgar

This is a wonderful recording, a perfect match between music and performer: two great but not overly familiar romantic works, played by a superb violinist with a romantic heart and young enough to be guided by his feelings and his imagination. Vengerov is a brilliant virtuoso, but the most immediately striking feature of his playing is his tone: dark, warm, radiant, intense, vibrant, infinitely variable, and unfailingly expressive. His Dvorák is broad and expansive, with time to caress every detail and Nuance. It combines freedom and dignified restraint, passion and serenity, sprightliness and melancholy, drama and lyricism. The orchestra supports and abets him every step of the way with total flexibility and empathy and sounds terrific. The Elgar was recorded a few years earlier and here, the romanticism is perhaps a bit excessive: tempo changes and dynamic contrasts are more drastic, there are long fermatas and pauses and a lot of slowing down and speeding up. However, the sentiment behind all these extremes is so genuine that it never becomes sentimentality, and the tone is beguilingly beautiful. The balance is exemplary, the pianist most excellent. Unaccountably, the booklet not only prints his name in very small letters, but does not say a word about him--a grave injustice to a fine collaborator.

--Edith Eisler - Editorial Reviews @ Amazon.com

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I can't believe that this CD is still unavailable in America and Great Britain. I live in Australia - we usually get everything last - and I bought it in September 2000.

I never really listened to the Dvorak concerto until I bought Maxim's recording, and then I realised what a beautiful piece of music it is. I also have a video of the concert which I love dearly. The Elgar I haven't listened to enough to really get to know it yet.

I am now waiting for his promised recording of the Beethoven concerto....

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