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Can we describe our appearances?


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I'm 5'10" and weigh 200lbs. I'm like lineman not thin and not fat. My wife of 27 years says that I'm thick. I do 50 push-ups every other day because if I don't my right shoulder starts aching because of an injury playing football years ago. I've started combing what's left of my hair straight back although my wife says I don't look good with a two inch part in the middle!

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OK. I'll play along.

I'm 6'-2", 220 lbs, and have blue eyes.

Robert, the haunted violinist, said he thinks I look like Cary Grant (when he was alive). But I don't agree.

I guess, with my goatee, I might resemble Leopold Auer, except with hair (no, not red).

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Alright, I've been reading this post for long enough--I guess it's my turn to tell what I look like. I'm just gonna come out and tell the plain truth about myself--so what you are getting is ME...don't be disappointed.... laugh.gif

I am 15 years old, but people always tell me that I look older. And I am 5'4". I have long light brown hair with faint natural red highlights that hangs half-way down my back. I have blue eyes. I am tall and sorta gangly. (This would be alot easier if I could just post a picture, but I don't have a good picture of me on the internet.) I have the hands of a fiddler/violinist--i.e. short fingernails, with calloused fingertips. I have braces, which will soon be coming off in a few months. (Katie, I'm with you on the braces---I hate them as well.) My fiddle is a part of me, so it's with me alot of the time. Music is a big part of my life, which people have gotten quite used to hearing me talk about it CONSTANTLY. I usually wear my hair down and I usually have jewelry on. I love to wear dresses, so you'd probably find me in a long dress most of the time. I love to smile. My smile is a big part of me.

I'm generally pretty quite around people. I have a very quiet and soft voice, which people have a hard time hearing. I ALWAYS have people saying, "Huh?" or "Excuse me?" or "What did you say?" or sometimes they just give up. And as hard as I try, I can't speak loud enough to meet a half-way medium.

Okay, that's all I can think of for right now. laugh.gif


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People tell me I resemble the actor Tommy Lee Jones, to me, that is doing Tommy a terrible injustice.

I'm 6'2, weigh 220, not fat, not thin. I've been married to the same wonderful woman for over 24 years. We married young, and we are still young at heart.

I work with my hands, and they show the years of work. I've a son, a junior in college, a daughter, a senior in high school. Yep, we are soon to experience the empty nest.

My real passion is playing golf, and very close, music.To best describe myself, would be like one of those tractors, or pieces of farm equipment, left out behind the barn for several winters, not what anyone would want, but interesting to look at.


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Originally posted by River:

trying to tie this thread into the grand scheme of the BB..

Do you think that classical performers feel an incredibly strong pressure to look "pretty" in addition to perfecting their art? Is having an "image" more important today than it should be? Do you think that the male artists are as pressured today as the female?


My 2 cents later


Let's see...in order:

#1: Probably. Someone said on here that you'd never see an overweight concert mistress.

#2: Way more important than it should be. Even the most gorgeous people are buried 6 ft under. The same depth as the non-glamorous people.

#3: Can't say for sure, but probably not as much. I don't think that guys have the same obsession as females. I think we females mostly put pressure on each other. I don't think it comes from the men as much as some might claim. However, the source of the pressure initially comes from the media.

...if only I had been around anytime before Twiggy. I'd be in fashion for being pale and plump. Those famous artists would have painted "me"! I'm not fat; I'm century disadvantaged. That's all. laugh.gif

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Originally posted by Polecat:


Just practicing for all those future suitors!! My only advice to them is, run fast and in a zig-zag pattern!!!

Polecat Holliday!!


That sounds like exactly something my father would say. You don't know how many times I hear him say stuff like that!!! That sure got a laugh out of me!


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There is an inherent quality about fathers towards their daughters. Recently I was talking to my father in-law, ( more like my own father than in-law ) about this boy my daughter was dating.

I made mention that I didn't want my daughter dating this particular boy, and the response I received from my father in-law, after having been married to his daughter for over 24 years was, " Well, I didn't want Mendy, ( his daughter, my wife ) to date you either! "

I thought, hmmmmm, what brought that on, you'd think after 24 years he'd have gotten over it.We have a good laugh about that story every time the family gets together.

I've told my daughter that she has to be 25 BEFORE she can date, and then only if the guy passes a tough, tough test, given my me, of course.

Funny how much hearing daughters lose once they turn 14-15 or so.


P.S., I think you need more than a six shooter, six shots are definately not enough these days!

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6'4'' tall; 235 lbs, blue eyes, curly hair,brown,

4 kids 3 ladies 24,16,13,1guy,20

family tends to the arts; wife is a potter, oldest daughter a metal sculpturer, son taking art courses at Tulane Univ,

wears harris tweed jacket, doc's, brown socks(every year I buy 2 doz xl browns) often with hay on trousers

drives 89 red bronco135K miles, or 78 ram pick-up

take violin to my office

my work is a different world than my music. medical people are cretins when it comes to music appreciation

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Originally posted by HuangKaiVun:

staylor, it's time for YOU to post YOUR looks.

Other people (e.g. fiddler of dooney) have already posted mine!

I started it off already, perhaps you can continue it from what you understand!


I'm terribly sorry to be responsible for such a mistake, and moreover, I can't find what I was refering to, I thought I saw it a few days ago, but I don't see it there now.


I wish to express great appreciation for your advice!

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