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False E String


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I know I've seen this topic before, but when I search the archives, I must not be looking under the proper "key" words.

My question is, is it common for e strings to go false a long time before the other strings in a set? I realize that they are under a much higher tension than the rest of the strings and thus it makes sense for them to go false first, but in general how many e strings do you change before the other strings (steel, Helicores) go false?

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tig- (if I may call you that!)

I recently changed my Helicores because the A and D strings went false after about 6 months of daily playing.

The only thing I noticed about the Helicore E was that it was super-sensitive to weather changes. I took it off completely and then put it back on to tune it and worked OK. I opted to change all of them though when the A and D went. It was a very insideous decline into falseness, but now at least I have some barometer to guage the wear and my ear!

Also, check your pegs for slippage - they're pretty sneaky.

- Greta

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