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Bow rehair - how often?


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Oh when the Wig Sales people try to sell you

some tack, it is time for a rehair.

I have no idea - once I played Trad for a whole two weeks everynight for about 5 hours and I was totally out of my brain on Brown Ale most of the time. There was rosin dust and hair all over the place BUT when I sobered up the Bow only felt a little lighter.

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Good question Therese, In a previous thread I had wondered aloud about how much of the difference in performance between the Coda Classic and Conservatory was related to the use of Mongolian Horsehair on the Classic. Unfortunately no one responded.

I am inclined to think that there is no difference... but have no basis upon which to draw.

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I'm confused about this also. I have a coda classic, which I love. Over the past year and a half, I've only lost about 6 hairs from my bow. I asked several people and some said, rehair it every 6 months and others say only rehair it when the hair falls out. I have cleaned it with a bow hair cleaning kit.

Maybe I don't play hard enough.

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It is imperative to rehair your bow if it has lost a lot of hair on one side. No matter if you got it done last week or last century. Too much pull on one side can warp the bow and I've heard differing opinions as to whether it causes permanent damage.

I've found that a good rehair can last a very long time. Also, it's not good to let your hair dry out too much, it is more brittle and breaks easier and needs replacing sooner.

I would like to know how to rehair my own bow because depending on what I'm playing or where I am, I break quite a lot of hair, and I'm just not happy with the rehair quality in my area.

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