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Julian Rachlin........ What do you think of him?


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I heard him a while back and was not impressed. Very brash bowing style and rather illogical and temperamental interpretation. I love temperamental interpretations, but his sounded a bit silly to me... I also managed to sneak into the orchestra rehearsal and was witness to his mother and teacher directing him as he played. I think he was at least 22 then. But maybe he's improved since smile.gif

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Well, to be quite honest, I didn't think much of him. He sounded out of tune all night, he missed lots of the high notes (he played the Brahms concerto) and between every movement he tuned his violin for at least a minute. I also heard him play the Sibelius on the same tour and I wasn't too impressed with that either - apart from not liking his sound, vibrato etc, I don't like his interpretations much.

Those are just a few of my impressions from the little I have heard of him but I'm quite biased when it comes to violinists.

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Originally posted by Pety:

I think he takes too much drugs, really.

okay, you may not like his style or interpretations, but I think what you're saying here is really biased. I haven't heard him for a long time, but I have to say that I quite like his recordings (he recorded Saint-Saens #3/Wieniavsky #2, Sibelius Concerto and Serenade #2, and Prokofiev #1 and Tchaikovsky on Sony).

I do like his kind of vibrato and that deeply involved playing.

Just the other opinion smile.gif

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