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Why did you come up with your screen name? A poll.


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It's my name! smile.gif

You don't really believe that do ya? Well, it's not really my name.

I love the name, though. It is my 'internet name' for everything. I use it everywhere on the internet.

I also chose this name because Life IS a journey.

Here is a poem about it:

Life isn't a destination....it's a journey.

We all come upon unexpected curves and turning points, mountaintops and valleys.

Everything we do shapes who we are becoming,

and in the adventure of each day,

we discover the best in ourselves.

-----author unknown

I absolutely love that poem, and it seems to apply alot to the fiddle and music, if you really think about it.

Okay, I think that I have babbled enough. wink.gif


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Hmm... I'm sure I've responded to this thread before. Let's try to bring the old one back in the future... but... I'll respond anyway (I feel like indulging you all) smile.gif Lymond is a fictional character in a series of books by Lady Dorothy Dunnett, OBE. Francis Crawford of Lymond (his full name) is perhaps the most complex, intelligent, and interesting character I've ever read. Though the books are fairly difficult to get through, they're extremely rewarding in the end. I chose Lymond because I wish I were more like him (at this point Huang comes in and tells me that he would never wish to be anyone but himself smile.gif) Au revoir.

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I brought this one back to the top cuz there's been lots of new additions to the board since then. I found this in the 2000 archives. I did a search, so I hope this is the most recent thread on this topic!

I picked Yo Ma-Ma as a play on Yo-Yo Ma...and it fit cuz I started playing cello at age 40, old enough to be most cello students' mama.


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Was not my first choice but since the software of MN was reniewed I could only logon with DutchViolins. I'm living in The Netherlands where I make violins (amongst others). In that country they speak Dutch, so my instruments - the violins- are DutchViolins. The old Dutch violin makers of the 17th century like Bouwmeester (in English: master in the making) and Jacobs were as good as Antonio (Stradivari). A little bit promotion of them could not do any harm.

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It's what I do.  I make flintlock pennsylvania longrifles for

re-enactors, historians, museums, living history

folks of the French and Indian/Rev War period.  My email

matches - palongrifles.  Also have a website for


I admire the folks who are making violins even more being a

craftsman in my own right.  Might even give

it a try just for funsies but by no means for profit.  Took me

20 years to get to the level I am at on longrifles.

Don't think I have that much time left to do the same for


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Originally posted by:

Guinness: the greatest beer in the ENTIRE world bar none.

GuinnessHunter: Still searching for the perfect pint!

do your body a favor. get some Alesmith Speedway Stout or Stone Imperial Russian Stout.

GIGANTIC HUGE stouts that make guinness taste like water. I like Guinness a lot, but I LOVE those other two...

as for my name....take a look at the beginning of the last movement for wieniawski's 2nd concerto.

he wrote some words there...

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