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Barrage!!! Who are these guys???


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I don't know if this is going on across the country at the same time, but my public television stations are all running their periodic beg and plead weekend. If you can suffer through the pleading for funds, there are some really terrific shows lined up.

One of the shows that I caught tonite was a 11 pc group from Canada, called Barrage. Wow! Is all I can say. Has anyone else on here seen them of know of them?

Kind of makes you depressed, doesn't it?

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I taped the last 20 minutes or so...I caught them by accident. I was watching an Andre rieu video and had rewound it to show my husband a funny part...where the orchestra

is yucking it up....I briefly caught site of 11 violinists moving in patterns as they played and RAN to grab a blank tape!

I bet after all the beg and plead is over on the pbs stations...you can get the video on pbs.org laugh.gif

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WOW is all I can say about Barrage! shocked.gif

AMAZING show...caught it quite by accident on Sunday (channel surfing) and was just glued to the couch...those musicians (ALL of them) are incredible. When I found out it was being re-run on Monday night, I fired up the ole' VCR and taped it.

The drummer blew me away with his solo on "Sing Sing" and that blues/jazz electric guitar number the guitarist played was as sweet and smooth as anything I've ever heard done. I enjoyed the percussionist with his energy, the huge xylophone near the end of the show and of course, those unbelievable fiddlers dancing and playing like mad all at the same time. As a rank beginner I felt just a bit intimidated trying to play simple Christmas carols and Amazing Grace and Ode To Joy when I went to practice the next day. But then I thought, no, they shouldn't intimidate me--- they should give me a goal to aspire to! (Not that I expect I'll EVER be that good, but hey, ya gotta have a goal!) smile.gif

I was captivated by their sense of fun and joy in performing and playing...it was an engaging stage performance and I can imagine that the energy the actual audience felt was fantastic...it sure looked like the audience were enjoying themselves.

I encourage any of the Maestronetters who have not seen or heard this group to get a CD, or even better, get the videotape and SEE this!

How wonderful that us "fiddlers" now have a rave group of our own out there! laugh.gif


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