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How is it pronounced?


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Celtic Seltic Keltic.

It seems that pronounciation is depending on where you are (to a certain degree). Here, in Norway, we write (and pronounce) "Keltisk". How does Celts pronounce celtic?

The Tsheltic thing was a joke, by the way. (Oh, I might add that in Norway both Sello and Tshello(!) are correct pronounciations of cello).


Celtic -> Keltic -> Seltic -> Heltig -> Helgiv -> Melvig -> Nellick -> Gneliqe

Therefore, Celtic=Gneliqe smile.gif

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In French (Latin language) we say seltic,

but in Breton (Celtic language) we say (and

write) Keltiek.

I think this latter pronounciation is surely

the one which is the nearest from the roots,

and common with the other Celtic languages.

When the Breton language was normalized,

grammarians have explicitely chosen to

replace the C by the K.

So now the C letter does not exist anymore

in normalized breton, except when it is

combined with a H in C'H or CH.

My 0.02$


from Brittany.

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Defending English pronunciation by appeals to logic seldom works. But Celtic is not a Celtic word. The Romans called this tribe Celtae (masculine, although it looks feminine). And they got it from the Greeks, who called them Keltoi.

My onderstanding is that it's always pronounced with a 'k' except in the case of the sports teams.

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Unfortunately this particular authority is talking through its hat. Kelts never wore kilts - the present kilt is a relatively modern invention produced so the U.K. aristocracy could dress Scottish more conveniently than rolling themselves in 30 feet of heavy material held together by a belt.

The 'ladies from h_e_l_l' story is wrong too - I believe that is attributed to a nickname given to kilted Scottish soldiers serving in the British army by some unfortunate enemy.

Oh, and poibaireachd is pronounced peebroch (last 3 letters as in Och!)if anyone's interested.



Originally posted by AJ:

I have an authority on a music CD, the Irish Rovers Greatist Hits album. They give an into to the song Donald Where's Your Trousers by explaining that the men in kilts, the kelts, were nicknamed the ladies from **** . I guess they would know.

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M Rankin: Your comments about the history of the kilt interested me so I went in search of more information. I found a wonderful page on the history of the kilt, and it was quite interesting. If you are interested here is the address: http://www.majestictech.com/the-celtic-net/kilthistory.html

Lots of other Celtic information here,too, if anyone is interested in that.

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