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Web radio recommendations, all?


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Hello hello one and all. I was replying to the pop music recommendations for youngun's thread when a related topic sprang to mind: What are some of the good web radio stations you guys have found? I've listened a bit to NetRadio's early music and chamber music programs, spent a lot of time listening to an Australian Arabic-language station (ABS), dug Amsterdam Free Radio, and sniffed around some of the Eastern European stations (Radio Skopje, Radio Proto, and one of the Turkish university stations). Radio Bartok out of Budapest is a real gem, too. Any other finds?

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Web Radio is a great thing but at this time except you use only MS Media player I do not know of a *secure* application that does the job.

I have spent 2 years on internet security and found RealAudio is a dangerous thing to allow on one's computer.

When I did use it, webradio was very halting and one could not listen uninterupted to performance.

If using Linux (recommended) you'll find many applictions that securely handle UDP port streams.

At this time I also notice there are great deals in CDs at around 5 bucks which more than compensates for the loss, also here in the South West US the Public Radio provides superb selections. NPR provides service to several smaller local Public Radio stations, but it too has it's own website.

MP3 is rapidly becomming the weapon of choice for freebes. Check out 'freenet.net' better and technically superior to Napster, added bonus this one does not need a central server, restrains transfers to just the request and reply, totaly private like email, and is very secure.

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I found one on Real networks that I liked awfully well. It is a Native American station out of Alaska. they play a lot of cotemporary Native Music, as well as a lot of traditional, plus they have a lot of news and Native American issues. If any are interested I can find the link and post it.


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I've been listening a lot to BBC radio 3 recently. It's at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/ram/radio3.ram

(real audio address)

Altogether an excellent station. A little on the stuffy side, but who cares! It's very good for programmes that analyze music, review recordings, live concerts etc, also plays and literature. Now we can all enjoy what used to be a privelege of those in Britain...

Here's the schedule for today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schedules/listing.sht...date=2000-11-26

[This message has been edited by Ole Bull (edited 11-26-2000).]

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