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What are you thankful for?


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone - how about a happy thread about what you are thankful for? I have two wonderful Childre who let me see the world through fresh eyes everyday. Of course the gift of music and muscal ability. I'll end with a thanks for my family as they have happily inundated my home for the Holiday. Hope the Turkey is good.

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Thankful for....

Daddy's having pulled out of the operation fine and still being in good humor;

Loftan's having been the kind of teenager who has gone to the hospital for two days to sit with her grandfather;

Josh's having been the kind of boyfriend who has gone and done the same;

The NPR report on the lady whose Romanian family a few years back had been forced to leave the country over night--she is happy now;


Creatures great and small;



Little kids;

God's grace.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody here,


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Thanksgiving is the big extended-family day for us since we don't celebrate Christmas and Chanukah isn't a major holiday (another subject!). So I am thankful today for my wonderful family:

My college sophomore son who, like Theresa's daughter shows his devotion to his grandparents. He spent all day yesterday with them and will drive them to Thanksgiving dinner in New Jersey because my father cannot drive long distances any longer.

My viola-daughter who will patiently supervise the little kids and play some duets with her young cousin who studies cello. Then she will play a piece for all the relatives, even though she doesn't want to--because they care about her and want to hear her play.

My husband who will drive through traffic to spend the day with his adopted family--for almost 25 years now. I am thankful for that, too.

My siblings, sister-in-law and niece who enrich my life always. And all the cousins, aunts and uncles too--

Especially my aunt who has done Thanksgiving in her house for as long as I can remember.

And of course my parents. I feel blessed to have them both. My mother's health is failing and I pray for her.

Thank you all for listening to me count my blessings. I wish a wonderful day to all.

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I am thankful for....LIFE. Getting the opportunity each morning to get up and see the new layer of snow on the ground.

I'm thankful for my family.

I am also so very thankful for music. I'm thankful for the joy that listening to music gives me. I am thankful for the ears to hear the music. I am thankful for the ability to play music. I am also thankful for the friends that encouraged me to become more involved in music...without them, I would have pushed my fiddle under the bed and left it for years, but they encouraged me to get more involved and because of them I love music now more than ever. My fiddle will never get shoved aside.

I am thankful for all of you on here, and the advice and wisdom that you share with me. Thanks!

I also want to say that I am thankful for a very special person to me......my best friend. She, too, is a musician and she is one of the nicest, kindest people I will ever meet. She truly is a BEST friend.

I could go on and on......

Have a wonderful day everyone!! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif


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The spontaneous things that make it all worthwhile.

The broken thing that has not worked for years and now starts working on it's own.

The cat offering me it's tummy to tickle.

The dark G string on my violin.

The alcholic drink I have once every month.

The wonderful things that come out of someone's mouth when they speak with wisedom and having been there and then it all makes sense to me.

My friend Rick who I piss off everytime I see him and he still comes to see me.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! smile.gif"><P>IMy husband. He spent all day yesterday cooking, while I was at work. He had to work today, so we celebrated early.

My grandmother. She has always been there for me.

That the chemotherapy seems to have helped my aunt, and hopefully her brain tumor has shrunk.

Of course, my family.

My animals who were truly greatful for the canned food that I picked up for them to add to their usual meal last night.

Being able to foster a cute little puppy right now. Who of course is the most well mannered little thing. Figures, the one I don't keep. smile.gif

Being able to learn how to play the violin. And for my teacher who took me in, even though she used to only teach children.

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I am thankful for my family they have helped me all my life and have helped me get started with music and have supported me through it all from when I was a little 3 yr old who couldnt hold up my violin for that long to where I am now. I am also thankful for living in America where we are all free and not opressed or kept in the dark in other countries like afghanistan. I think that is pretty much what I am thankful for Oh yeah my puppy I am thankful for her.

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Thanks all for the great responses. I agree that Giordano's Pizza was the fruit of the remnants of the imbalance of the matter and anti-matter reaction. By the way, if all the anti matter was used up in this reaction, how do we generate the energy to pulse through the dilithium crystal array to power the warp engines? Does this mean that star travel will never be practical??? laugh.gif Oh I forgot everything, broken down into it;s most fundamental is just one form or other of energy. Coooool.

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This reminds me of something that happened last week.

I was walking to my car carrying my violin in its case, and feeling pretty frustrated and miserable and saying to myself, "why can't I play as well as I want to?"

Anyway, an old gentleman came past, pushing a baby in a pushchair. And the man grinned at me and said "your'e so lucky to be able to make music". That put a completely different perspective on thngs and absolutely made my day.

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That is so true. We are, all of us, so fortunate to be able to explore music.

I used to be a great reader--totally immersed in some of the great literature of the world. I'm thankful I had that period in my life. But, as my own life has evolved, those long, long weeks and months of having my head buried in a book are over. Adult life has brought so many duties--teaching, shopping for the dinner, cooking it, cleaning up afterwards (and a husband who is pretty grouchy, bless his soul, if dinner doesn't look very appetizing)--that I've been forced by fate to make the best possible use of time. I think Maestronet is my little peccadillo--one indulgence--away from duty.

But practicing instruments is the way I use most of my "free" time. When the family is up and about, I practice--these days piano out of necessity, but violin when I don't have an accompaniment engagement coming up.

And I feel lucky. I think when I'm gone, a neat tombstone would read:

First, she talked;

Begrudgingly she walked;

She read;

She prayed;

And then she practiced...and practiced.

And I really think we're all so lucky to be caught up in this on-going venture of making notes on a page or notes heard in our experience come to life with discipline, focus, glorious hours supposedly "sacrificed," in order to convey the depth of emotion of human responsiveness through music. Incredibly lucky, all of us.

Best regards,


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