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I wasn't going to post anymore but this I couldn't believe. www.geocities.com/jkfshare/leila.ram

Anyway, I didn't mean to upset anyone who is a fan, but it is an example of what I was alluding to on another thread - which lead me to believe that I shouldn't post anymore. This won't load directly, you have to highlight the location window and enter to bring up the real audio player. It's basically a sound sample from the program. I didn't see any copyright infringements, so I copied it for your enjoyment (for those who might have missed it.)

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I wonder to what degree the RealAudio conversion is distorting her sound -- that's certainly not a flattering recording.

It sounds like her open E string is out of tune (listen to the bit where she plays it, and then the same E on the A string. The open E is noticeably out of tune, whereas the E on the A string rings purely.)

I wonder what she was trying to do there: her vibrato is so wide it practically forms a field of potentiality around the actual pitch. wink.gif

(A poor imitation of jazz style?)

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Hi! Lydia, I was flabergasted.

Viola-mom, I hope you can bring it up, but I have heard that these files are quirky depending on your system and set up. The ram file uses a real audio player from their site:some can download free. Then maestronet's format combined with geocities sends you to a fictional website - you might try typing in the URL fresh without linking. If that doesn't work, I apologize - As Lydia was describing - the work was incredibly out of tune and really .. well you have to judge for yourself. I was in shock.


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Yeah, she must have been having a spectacularly bad day - you can even hear the pianist struggling to follow her. But in her defence, the recording is also spectacularly bad. It sound like someone just set a cassete recorder on the stage, and there was further degradation in the transfer to the RealAudio format. Anyone who has tinkered with home recording knows how cruel a tape recording can be to you.

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