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Violin the Word, you remember?

the fiddler of dooney

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I know its been a long time since I needed your help to find the word violin in as many different languages as possible for my artworks.

Again I want to thank all of you for you help.

I finished the picture some month ago, but I had not the possibility to put it on a website.

But finally, after month, I did it,

here is the adress where you can see the picture that would not exist without your help:


thanks again smile.gif .

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Wow, I didn´t think that you love it that much. smile.gif

Of course you can use it for whatever you want and if you´d like to have a poster of it, I think I can arrange this somehow. When I made this on my computer I built it with a 300 dpi resolution so it will be printable without any difference in quality.

If this can help you to promote a charity-projekt, I will be proud of it. smile.gif

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yep, it was Photoshop 5.5

to Lydia: you´re right, call it an oddity.

When I made this picture, I didn´t knew that people would like it so much, so I made it just for fun and included a picture of myself in it. It may be not the best picture of someone playing violin, but I wanted to use only photos that I made, so I would have no problems with any copyrights. I wanted to include a picture of someone who is not looking like a "typical" violin-player to show that violin-playing can be a link between different people. If I had the time I would make more pictures of other players.

Maybe I should use a picture of me playing e-violin instead of this, so it shows more of the possibilitys of a violin.

(I´m not playing the violin this way, but I needed to turn the picture so it fits in the upper left corner.)

[This message has been edited by the fiddler of dooney (edited 11-21-2000).]

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