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who is the best teacher?


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I met prof.Negri last year in a master course. He is great! and his students play so fantastic...

Next year he will give two master classes in Florence. Definitely I have to go there. I was student for two years from Zakhar Bron, and believe me, he is better!!!!!!!!

He is young and also has this energy every student wish in her or his teacher.

I would love to enter in his class.

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Prof. Negri goes directly to the biggest problem, like could be sound, change of positions, vibrato, entonation. Of course in each person the problem is different. And he gives you concret things to practice, in some days you feel it already better!!! He makes you think and do from any student the best teacher in his or herself. At the beginning you think he is great technically, but then you realise he is also fantastic musicaly. He teaches how to express what you want to say with a sentence, all the possibilities of colors, contrasts, different vibratos...

I do not know if I explained me well so that you can understand me. But the best of course, would be to have from him directly some lessons. And if you see the result he can do with an student in a year you could not believe it. I know one of his students, two years ago he was playing a Haendel sonata and now he is playing Carmen fantasy from Waxman, and very well!!!

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Hi Lymond

There are two Negris. One is the teacher and the other one does the case. They are family. Are you planning to go to the master course? He is really one of the best teachers at the moment. I got from his school, Negri Violin School a video from prof. Negri teaching some of his students. It is not a long video, but you can see already a bit from his teaching. He is great!



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I checked out the website. I have to say I'm very impressed by the videos. Believe it or not, I had never heard Bazzini's "La Ronde des Lutins" before - that will be remedied ASAP.

I'm a beginner, so can someone tell me what is the name of the technique that the guy on the right uses in this video, the first time we see him?


It looks like left hand pizzicato but in conjonction with bow strikes of some type? I told you I was a newbie.

Also, my newbieness could explain why I'm very impressed by this - those who went through formal violin training since they're 4 up through university are probably chuckling at me in silence. Someone please tell me if it's above average to some degree. To me it certainly feels at least a notch above what I heard in my university's violin recital 2 weeks ago. Mostly in terms of general control and speed.


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I feel compelled to say something here.

A person who was taught from childhood and went to University as well, to study and perfect the art of Playing the Violin is bound to be better than a 1 or 2 or 10 year student, even if the life long Person is not musical to begin with!

Cruel but true. Now as to a first year student they might ponder the following facts, the human aethetic faculty is superbly equipped to choose good from bad art and judging by the sales of CDs it is easy to see

what that is. I hasten to add ALL CDs not just classical or indeed Fiddle/Violin.

So a life long training in Violining is not it!

There are other instruments including the Human Voice.

If musical, not uncommon in late students to strings, then anything you play would sound infinitely more musical to a person like me.

In fact I many a time walked off from a Maestro to listen to a Student playing some absolute gorgeous simple little piece.

Here is my help page for Folk Fiddle.

If you need any help with scratching etc, happy to serve you dear friend. http://www.ionet.net/~qtech/fiddle.htm

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I also received an email from the Negri School which addressed me as 'Phoebe.R' so I think maybe they mailed the Fingerboard members.

I can recommend that you listen to Maxim Vengerov's recordings of the Bazzini - video and CD. (The video recording is on 'Playing By Heart' and the CD is 'The Road I Travel'). He has been playing it since he was a child and judging from the frequency with which he performs it, it is one of his favourites! It is supurb.

Maxim also a student of Bron, your other teacher, Pety. Now there is a wonderful ambassador!

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I think that particular disc of Chang's is excellent. She's got fabulous technique, and that particular CD shows it to good advantage. (And unlike virtually all of her concerto recordings, it does not appear to be heavily over-miked, thank goodness.)

Also worth hearing, in modern recordings, are Gil Shaham's (in "Devil's Dance") and Rachel Barton's (in "Instrument of the Devil").

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I, too, received the email from Negri soliciting participation in the school abroad.

The tone of the email was friendly--and the sell was certainly a soft-sell...easily read and fairly easily forgotten.

Best teachers? Haven't we discussed this a lot this year. The archives are a great source, Pety, if you'll do the research.

I think the best teacher is Experience; the second best is Patience; the third best is Diligence; the fourth, Focus; and the fifth, Joie de Vivre.

Best regards,


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I can't get the movies to play on my PCs -- QuickTime's MoviePlayer, the Windows Active Movie Control, and RealPlayer, all of which should be able to read .mov format, say there's an error with the files.

I haven't played this work, though I want to, one of these days. Plenty of other folks on this board have, though.

I doubt the technique has a particular name, whatever it is. There are lots of combination-effects in virtuosic music, as well as modern music.

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