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Sometimes I have perfect pitch. I just know what a random note is sometimes. It's not consistent, but it's suprising when it happens. I have good relative pitch all the time and can usually tell what neighborhood a note's in, if not its exact name. But when I play clarinet, I can identify some notes by their timbre, as A. Brown said. I can always tell a middle of the staff B flat becuase it's a fuzzy note, C just above the staff because it's a piercing note, etc.

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In 4th grade tryouts for the violin, my teacher sat at the piano with each student at the side instructed to look straight ahead. We were told to tell her which note was higher out of two. We did so each time and I got it right until I became puzzled and I told her I heard the same note, but yet it was different. She said that I had "Perfect Pitch" and that she had played the same note but what was called an octave apart. My sister interestingly flunked and is terribly tone deaf. I can tune my violin without piano because I can "hum" the "A" perfectly in my head.

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I definitely do not have perfect pitch--and my ear is sometimes a bit too flexible. I can sortof make slightly flat thirds sound "right" in my head once the system is internalized. Then another person could come along and play those same thirds slightly sharp, and my internal ear will immediately accommodate. But it is misery when there are inconsistencies within that framework--sometimes the thirds are a bit flat, sometimes a bit sharp, with no consistency. I go really crazy then.

If I concentrate like the dickens, I can imagine concert "A" slightly--but, depending upon my energy or mood--I could be either right on the money or off by as much as a step and a half. And that's just one pitch.

I think it would be very beneficial to have perfect pitch and I'm a little jealous of people who have it and wish I did.

Is anyone out there as tired as I am? This BushgoreGorebush stuff is making me crazy. Can't one of 'em be prez for a year with the other one vice prez, and then they could switch off the next year, back and forth for four years and save us all the commentary? (Sorry to get off topic; just ignore me.)

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Originally posted by lagomorphs:

The results may suggest that many or even most babies are born with perfect pitch but lose it if they do not learn a tonal language or undergo early musical training.


Mosquitoe's here in Canada humm in pitches varying from F to G above middle C. It is very annoying because they never stay on one pitch for more than a second as their wings speed up or slow down.

I was born with perfect pitch but before I knew I had it and knew how to organize the information in my head, I started Trumpet (Bflat instrument) and it screwed it up. That also happened to my Choir instructor when she took some b flast woodwind instrument (clarinet??).

I didn't know that the notes I was reading on the trumpet music was not what I was hearing (I never read notes that well when I was really young). This caused me to lose my sense of perfect pitch for years. Finally, when I got serious about music I took ear training and have worked myself back to perfect pitch. Still, some days when I have not been doing much with music, I'll be off by just one semitone.


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Although I have very good relative pitch I do not have perfect pitch. I have known 4 people who did. Two of the four were severely handicapped and had no practical use of language. The other two were both organists, and both felt they were handicapped by having it. I was once being accompanied by one of them and he accidently pulled a transposer on the organ. He became so confused by the key he went to that he had to stop completely and re-start. Mixed blessing.

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