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New Case! :)


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I am giddy with excitement, for I am about to order my Musafia Case! I have been researching cases for 3 months now, and have finally decided to choose a Musafia Case....however I am still undecided on which model. Any of you have any feedback on what model to go with (keeping in mind that I have a pretty good violin.....not a student/beginner inst)? Thanks!



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I own a number of oblong cases, including Jaeger single and double (2 violin), Bobelock (violin, viola) oblong, and a double violin/viola case - and an American violin case.

These things last a long time, so it is important that you meet your current and future requirements - unless you can forsee getting a new case every few years.

What I find hardest to fulfill has been my growing craving for space. Space for a shoulder rest, for extra strings, rosin, (electronic tuner it I want), music glasses and all the other things that one sometimes doesn't think of when looking at the exquisite workmanship of a top-of-the-line Musafia.

My newest case is a rather mundane Bobelock (I could have bought one of the beautiful Musafias in the same shop for about twice the price, and I was prepared to) but I wanted the two long pockets parallel to the violin neck that will hold my shoulder rest (and up to 6 cakes of rosin, should I so choose) so I don't always have to fit the rest in over the violin neck (in my Jaeger case) or let it rattle around next to the neck - as with the cheaper Bobelock cases having a large free volume around the neck (which, by the way, would now be my second choice). Musafia's case of a design I find best for me is in their less expensive "Studio" line (I believe) not manufactured in Italy. I thought the Musafia case with the fine "finish" had too much inaccessible cushioning volume that would have been very useful for compartments.


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My non-collapsible Kun rest fits comfortably in the large compartment of my Musafia Master Series case.... as do two rosin cakes, a tuning fork, a small chromatic tuner, a practice mute, a soft cloth, and several other small items......

Plus, there are two smaller compartments on either side of the neck for miscellany.....

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I bought the same Bobelock as Andy, for the same reasons -- storage space. I use the one large compartment for a shoulder-rest and strings, one of the compartments for polish cloth and other cleaning accessories, and the remaining compartment for rosin, mutes, pencils, and a couple pads of sticky notes.

I rather like the Musafia that places the violin slantwise across the case; the overall case is lightweight and there's a ton of storage space. It's also godawful expensive. But I haven't found a dealer who sells it here. So I'm happy enough with my Bobelock.

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Are you sure about a Musafia case????

You schould have a look in shar catalog to Negri cases. They are really good!!!!!

You can choose also if you want to spend a bit more a leader case. They are cool. I have one already for long time and it looks like new.

Think again about what you are going to buy.

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Thanks for all of ya'll's (is that a word? smile.gif )opinions on what *other* cases to buy. I have fallen in love with the workmanship of the Musafia company, and the hospitality of Dimitri Musafia.

Also, I already ordered my case. For those interested......it will be a dark blue and pearl grey Aeternum. I think that it will be just beautiful.


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