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Interesting thread about TV started by

HKV. A different issue about TV is whether

the advent of higher definition TV and improved sound (surround sound, satelite

signals which are CD quality) will have any

impact on making televised classical concerts more appealing to the average viewer.

I know that on the TV's that I have had (even recently,) the small tinny speakers did

very poorly in bring through the nuisances of a complicated piece of music, etc. A lot

of times it just sounded like mush.

Any thoughts?

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I would love to see a "Classical Music Channel". Maybe HDTV can help bring this about ? I mean, Lord - we've got the Golf channel, MTV, VH1, Food channel, Travel Channel, Shopping channel, Various flavors of Religious channels!!!

How about a channel that shows only Classical concerts, and classical 'videos' ? It could open up a whole new venue for classical musicians !

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My thoughts are that television is one of the biggest waists of time that exists....possibly THE biggest. If you ever are exasperated becasue you don't feel you have time to do a lot of the things that you want/need to do, try to look back over the last week or two and calculate the amount of time you spent in front of the tube. You might find that it is several hours worth of precious time!! I don't even watch the news (because it is a joke!!), and even I sometimes wonder where I can find the time I want/need to say....practice more, read more, exercise more, etc.. I do not frown upon those who indulge in television, I also realize that it is me who is in the minority here, and I have no intention/desire of inciting anyone's defense mechanisms with regard to their personal viewing habits....I have found everyone to be very adept in their rationilization of television viewing. Peace/respect/love to all.

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Originally posted by HuangKaiVun:

I wouldn't watch that "Classical" channel.

Given the stunningly soulless homogeneity of today's classical musicians, why would I waste my time listening to pieces as opposed to playing them on my own?

I hardly listen to my classical radio stations either.

Okay, HKV, we're happy for you. However, few of us are so fortunate.

And, I'd like to add that 103.5 WGMS in DC plays good old stuff quite frequently. Go on their website and get a live feed if you don't live close enough to DC to get good reception.

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And there are classical music performances that really benefit from viewing rather than just hearing -- and which tend to be filmed in a more competent manner. Opera and ballet, for instance.

I was about to say that many people can't readily afford tickets to the best symphony, opera, or ballet in town, in order to hear top-notch live music... and then I thought about what people pay for digital cable or DirecTV these days, and realized it's just a matter of priorities.

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Ah, one of my pet peeves! Bad TV!!! Especially, bad EXPENSIVE TV.

More than the cost of tickets, the *logistics* of getting to great musical events are impossible for people who live outside metropolitan areas and university towns. A classical TV service would be a boon to them, as well as to children and elderly people who may not get around so easily. Plus, it wouldn't have to be all contemporary concerts -- I'm sure there are archives full of films and tapes of past greats that would be wonderful to watch.

I too am really wondering when/if a channel that interests me will appear among the *zillion* ridiculous channels on our DishTV. (My husband is a huge TV fan so we have the WORKS -- just one of those all-important family compromises!) Every once in awhile I come across something musical on UCTV or Bravo, but very rarely. Part of the problem is that I don't care enough to consult the guides ahead of time, I guess. But it is truly amazing that there can be so many channels and absolutely NOTHING worth watching 95% of the time. TV -- the technology -- is not inherently bad, but the programming is appallingly low quality and homogeneous.

However, the worst thing about satellite TV (besides the expense and the fact that you can't watch it when it rains) is that PBS won't broadcast Live from Lincoln Center "live" via satellite (so as not to alienate their donor base from their "home" stations) so I can no longer pick up the stereo simulcast for those performances. I fussed at PBS about this but so far they have not changed their policy. frown.gif

Frankly, I'm afraid we are too small a niche to get a TV channel. We're lucky to have a few websites!! If we ever do get such a channel, however, with my ultra-multi-mega-channel-satellite pack, I'll be the first to know and will spread the word!!

While I'm annoyed that TV has so little of interest to musicians, I agree that NOT watching TV leaves more time for other pursuits -- a nice silver lining.

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