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Happy Haloween!!!!!!


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Happy Halloween!!! To you as well!!! I dressed up as myself this year, lack of imagination, and the fact that I am scary looking enough without the aid of make-up led to my choice of costume. Anyway I love this time of year!! Especially the ghost stories!! Don't care much for the fake haunted house things that are out there, SO predictable! Here where I live there is a tour of historically haunted places, real haunted places!! The tour starts with supper, and then a bus ride to all kinds of interesting places!! I forgot all about it this year though. frown.gif Oh well who needs a tour!? I can always visit these places on my own!! Happy All Hallow's Eve to all!!!!!!


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The children were hyper and happy today--they wore skeletons on their shirts and glow-in-the-dark hair spray. They wore spiders on their fingers and ears. They crawled under cobwebs to enter their classrooms.

We played a game in music class: I drew a big Jack-o'Lantern on the board (I have a white board) and each grade level got to add freckles to the Jack in a different color to designate the grade level for every correct instrument identification from a group of American folk songs. Third grade identified the most instruments today, so the Jack had lots of black freckles, black being the 3rd grade color. Not a single child identified the dulcimer, which kind of made me sad. (Teaching note: must play a bit more dulcimer this year.)

I survived it. I'm thankful not a single Trick-or-Treater has shown up tonight because I kind of o-deed on miniature goblins today. Tomorrow the "After Halloween Sugar Slump" will be in evidence at our school; the children will have green faces, but without make-up. They will be cranky, but they will give me candy so I'll be very tolerant.

But the true creepy story: I'm still worried about Jane over there in England with adders outside. Can you imagine going to sleep thinking about the adders outside the door? And larvae muching away inside of violins all over the world? Heard of the Grinch that stole Christmas? We could write "The Munch that Stole Music"--violin music, that is.

Have a happy Halloween and please don't eat as much candy as I did today--or shall tomorrow.


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Dressed up as myself: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I ate a lot of the candy my mom was passing out but not as much as last year. People that came to our door...a boy dressed as a woman and who talked in a high-pitched voice, lots of kids whose "Trick or treat" was obviously "I'm just doing this to get free candy", and a few people who had electronic candy holders that talked when something was dropped in it. Happy Halloween!

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