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I just stumbled on this website offering "Music Minus One" for violin and thought I'd pass it along in case anyone's interested. They offer the Bruch and Mendleshon concertos as well as Vivaldi's 4 Seasons. These works are way over my head but for someone tying to master them it seems like an invaluable tool. Maybe you all know about these but I didn't. http://www.musicstudents.com/shop/cdsets.html

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I use MMO alot, but they don't have everything I want, and besides the over strictness in tempo (sometimes the music requires a slight slowing down, even if not written, and if written, there are different ways it can be done) I would sometimes argue with the conductor if I were there at the time-live.

I can already see how it must feel to play with an ochestra if you are really a great soloist, and want to bring things out in a certain way. You need to be a very good negotiator too, I assume!


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It's wonderful how quickly several sources for accompanying recordings have been listed here. I was not familiarl with two of them, and I thank you.

Playing as a soloist with an orchestra is not nearly as confining as playing with a packaged recording of the orchestra (I can recall trying to do the Mendelssohn E-minor with MMO many, many years ago (when it was on a vinyl disk) and being so frustrated by the cadenza - -the orchestra either came in before I finished or visa versa. In real life there is give and take between conductor and soloist - and the orchestral players too must listen and come in properly rather than depending 100% on the appearance of the conductor.

The ideal would be to have the accompanying musical group recorded on a video tape or (best of all) DVD so that YOU could watch the conductor on a video monitor (as you could in real life - not that the real-life conductor would conduct thru the cadenzas, but that is the only way to keep you and the orchestra together).

I saw the A.L. Webber show "Starlight Express" in Las Vegas some years ago and the conductor appeared on a number of video monitors behind and above the audience, but visible to the rollerskating/singing actors from any place they might be performing.

I have no idea if it was a video of a live conductor leading a live orchestra, but since there was not likely any feedback from the stage to the conductor, there was no need for the orchestra to be live. (Of course, were there a mishap on stage, feedback would have been needed.)

That's the way to do a satisfactory "MMO" recording. Otherwise it can be a lot of frustration, even though it is great food for the imagination.


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