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I have been playing the christmas song, o little town of bethlehem, my mom says when I get to " Beth-Le-Hem part (in the first part of the song) that it gets flat.

I am playing from a piano book. are the notes of the song different for the violin? or can I adapt the piano book for my violin?

Is there any online free music for this song do you know?

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sscfan, you should be able to play directly from the piano music. The notes for the melody would be exactly the same. Perhaps if it were written especially for violin it would be in a more convenient key,though.

Are you tuned up properly? That could be causing a flat sound on certain notes, like open strings.

I searched the web trying to find a violin arrangement for you but no luck.

Here is a website with a lot of free Christmas music, but it's all for piano: http://rememberjosie.org/carols/

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In addition to the good advice given above,

If you find you are in tune (ie. possibly checked by a chromatic tuner), minding the accidentals and are in tune at your lesson then, if you have a piano that in the house, check that the piano is in tune.

If the piano is out of tune (when was it last tuned?), then your Mom and others in the house may be "tuned" to a flat (or sharp) coming from a few piano keys. I remember my Mom once had a piano (older) that was notorious for keys going out of tune until the stings (piano wires) were replaced.

Tuning can be "relative"...

Good Luck!

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Are you minding the key signature or accidentals?

If your Mom, or someone else in the house, plays piano, try playing together as a duet and see if you tend to play flat relative to the piano and on what notes. If you do, learn to fix it. Try play scales accompanied by the piano for a while.

If you play flat, but don't notice it while being accompanied, try playing softer; if you are still flat you may need to try a soft, loosely-fitted (so you can still hear through it) earplug in your left ear to balance the sound in both your ears.

If none of this works, I don't know what to advise at this distance.


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