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As I had posted before. I use the Obligato goldstahl E-string. It's very good. Many people say that the E-string whistles, however it hasn't whistled once on my violin (unless it was a technical error of mine of course). Though they are considered almost a clone of the Olive E's, maybe it's something to try.

I used to use the Dominant gold-plated E-string. It's an okay string, but by no means better than the goldstahl.

Good luck


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When I was using Dominants, I thought the E string was OK. One day, I broke it and my friend recommended Goldbrokat. I tried it and it was much better than Dominants E string and much cheaper, too. But now I use Obligato E string. I can't tell whether or not it is much better than Goldbrokat. It seems that the return for the money that I spend on the string is not proportional. Obligato E string is better, but not as good as I expected for a string that expensive.

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Iceman, like many others, I too am on the eternal quest for the perfect string set. Controlling squeeking, squealing, and whistling has a lot to do with technique, I'm sure, but I enjoy playing so much more when I don't have to concentrate on preventing it. For what it's worth, so far the only E-string that I've found (for my particular instrument) that absolutly did not squeal or whistle, is a wound E-string like the helicore aluminum wound. The tone does not "sing" like the gold plated steels though.

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I use Helicores and have been happy with the E, especially after having Dominants.

However, I don't play in public so I have no idea how far they, or my violin for that matter, carry. They are nice for fingerwork and sometimes the E is the clearest of all the strings.

I only get a screech if I'm not paying attention and snag my bow on the upper corner!

- Greta

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