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Does anyone depend on the vibrations of the violin to tell if you are playing right?

I am deaf and sometimes practice with out my hearing aids, when I have no hearing aids on I can only hear the violin a tiny bit and depend on vibrations. When I wear my hearing aids I am just hard of hearing and can hear the violin.

After I learn a song, I try it without my hearing aids. my mother claims I have a much richer sound and play better when I play just by vibrations with out the hearing aids.

Does anyone else play by vibration?

Also how ofter does strings need changing? does it help to change them before they break or should I wait? How can you tell when they are close to braking. My D string seems to vibrate more than it used to. All the others seem normal.

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I may be a little rusty on the anatomy of the ear, but I believe there is a type of deafness in which the cochlea (deep in the ear) fails, but the three little bones near the eardrum can continue to vibrate. Therefore, if one is close enought to the source of a sound to "feel" it, they may actually recognize pitches, etc.

A standpartner of mine had such an affliction and received cochlear implants which resulted in remarkable improvement. He said that Beethoven's deafness was a similar type. That is why Beethoven composed many of his middle works with his head pressed against the piano. He could actually still hear for many year by doing so.

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