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how late does anyone practice? The latest for me is ending at 11:30 pm, but I am not sure if it is too late because of the noise and not disturb neighbors.

I also like to practice outside during the day. since I do not work right now I spend most of the day the past 2 days practicing.

Does anyone know the noise level of violins and how far they can be heard either inside thru the walls to the neighbors houses or outside down the street and into the neighbors walls?

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The other day I was playing my violin on my couch in my front room. I had the front door open because it was a balmy evening.

My daughters friend who lives two houses away, heard me playing from his house, once he hit the sidewalk. I tried playing once in the backyard, but all the neighbors stand in their backdoors and listen to me, so I get embarrassed. Luckily, no one has told me to pipe down.

Do you live in an apartment bldg? Why do you feel you have to stop at 11:30? I sometimes play until 1 or 2 in the morning. I probably would go longer if I didn't have to get up at 7 to get my kids off to school. The only reason I'm up right now at 4 a.m. is that I have the flu and a terrible headcold and I cannot sleep at all. Interesting how many people are on here at this hour!

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It is sad and frustrating not to be able to practice whenever you have the time and the desire!! I use a practice mute in our apartment sometimes tho' not always (I suppose I would very late at night), and usually when I've brought my violin to hotels. I don't think that a *muted* violin sounds any louder than a television through the walls but I've never tested that idea. An unmuted violin can be quite loud.

I recently bought a Yamaha silent violin -- it is a nifty thing, and solves the "neighbors" problem completely (although to be precise it is not TOTALLY silent so if you share a dorm room, say, you could not play it without disturbing a sleeping roommate.)

This problem has been on my mind lately, as a friend of mine who plays the flute has moved to a complex with a "no musical instruments" policy. Isn't that dreadful??

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Pole: Thanks for answering. I wish I could be what I really am, which is a night owl. Two to three in the morning sounds great to me and then up ten or eleven.

But those days are gone due to 24 years in public education. I'm in bed usually about 8 and then up about 4. I'm at school by 6 where I practice piano for about two hours. It used to be violin, but I've got a bear of a score I'm working through--but come February it's back to the strings again.

Except now that I've read about those maple bugs munching our wood under varnish that become activated by resting violins, I may try to get to school by 5 and force myself to play my poor little violin an hour. That would mean in bed about 7.

Adios for now,


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My practice time has been sporadic the last few years, but on 21 November I will have my first lesson in at least five years. That means I will have a motivation to carve out and protect a block of time to practice and have someone directing my focus. It'll probably be from 11 to midnight or something like that. I usually get a second wind by then, but usually waste it on something trivial.

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