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Fixing shoulder rest height

Lydia Leong

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I just replaced my Kun with a Viva La Musica -- definitely a good move.

However, the little screws that adjust the shoulder-rest's height turn smoothly and quickly, meaning that the moment I take the thing off the violin, the feet spin around wildly, thereby destroying the height adjustment.

Does anyone have clever ideas for how to fix the screw height into place? (The solution would likely apply to the Kun and other rests with a similar structure, too.)

I thought about capping one end with a fastener of some kind, but I'm not sure what.

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Lydia, the blue Locktite (242?) will work, but it's messy and you're likely to end up with blue goop caked in the threads that remain exposed. I've never tried fingernail polish for setting screws.

If you want a fast, fumeless fix (whoa, accidental alliteration!), you might try the method I used: Scotch Tape. Take a piece about 1/2 inch long and rip a strip off that is about 1/8 inch wide. Then, wrap it around the end of the screw. Be sure to wrap the tape counter to the twist the of the threads, that way it won't be likely to unravel as you screw it in.

Before you try to install it, smash the tape down into the threads with your fingernail. This will make it thread together more easily. This worked very well on my Kun.


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Sometimes when you crush the threads, it will strip the threads when inserting them. be careful, because you can only do this a little.


Originally posted by Beaven:

Take some thread and put it in the screw threads and wind the legs into the thread. You could also use pliers to crush the threads which you don't want to use.

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