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Fingerboard radius


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Hi !

Does anyone have a precise and correct measure of the radius on the Strad's violin fingerboards ?

I often read and Heard that in the baroque period, fingerboards were flat but when you have a look at the tenor bridge (Sacooni Book), the radius is the same as on modern fingerboards. 

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thank you !

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I don’t think there were at any time ‘flat’ violin fingerboards. Baroque type fingerboards seem to have been ‘flatter’ than modern ones. 

There are not many original fingerboards left and if, they might have been reworked. There was long ago a Strad poster of a Jacob Stainer violin with an original fingerboard. Another resource to learn more about it are collections in musical instrument museums. 

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Thanks a lot Andreas,

The thing is that I made a drawing to get the right neck angle, lenght and projection acording to this measures (see in attached).

I know things weren't fixed at this period but for this instrument I need to concentrate on Strad's work.

If we consider that the thickness of the fingerboard (Lady Blunt) at the nut is 5.8mm with a 3 -3.5mm edge, this corresponds to a modern radius.  But... when I draw the neck and projection, with all the parameters, keeping the same radius for the largest end of the fingerboard, I find a projection around 22mm and not 20mm as written in this document.

May be the hight of the arching is the reason. Mine is 16.5mm.

touche lady blunt strad 1721 dimensions.jpg

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