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Strings for large viola


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My choices, the order I would try:

1, Dominant 4121s with a light Jargar A

2. Dominant 4125s with a light Jargar A

3. Tonica 43cm with a light Jargar A (the 40cms might work too)

4. Long scale, light Zyex with a Light Jargar A.

The light Jargar A will be a tight fit and you might need to peel away some of the threading. But I've made them fit on a viola with a 43 cm string length. I have however since special ordered some exta long extra light that work better.

They used to make long scale light pro-arte, but now they only make them in medium gauge. They might work too. ANd if you like helicores, they make a long and extra long.

Most of the newer high performance strings (Evahs etc)will barely fit and will be really high tension, maybe they will work, but I would only try light gauge. Too bad they dont design some of these for really large violas.





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Yeah, Ritter models are usually around 42-42.5 cm string length. The 4121s are meant for these. If it seems a little flabby the 4125s should offer a little more tension and still fit. A set of regular 141 dominants just wont fit.

I've always found the As on the long scale dominants were really wimpy. I like Jargars, and they will make custom to fit both length and tension.

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On 6/17/2024 at 6:40 PM, deans said:

I've always found the As on the long scale dominants were really wimpy.

I finally received the viola today; it had ancient Zyex on it.  Sounds great even with the ratty old strings, by the way.  The A was fraying a bit, so I got the long-scale Dominant A out — and it's impossibly wimpy.  I think Thomastik is being a little over-cautious with the tension.  I put the frayed Zyex back on it and will try a Jargar when it arrives.

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