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Solving unneveness in the range

Deo Lawson

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As I've advanced in my violinmaking I have become attuned to finer and finer details. I'm very happy now to be at the point where my instruments are not just playable but enjoyable. As a matter of fact I have been playing my own violins exclusively for about a year and a half now. They go through the ringer as I am a music student in university.

I feel like I have figured out a combination of parameters that leads to a strong and pleasant tone. However I would really like to improve response consistency across the range. My current player has a couple notes that are more difficult than the rest, notably the high G. It's not bad but it becomes a nuisance when playing octaves and triple stops.

I'm curious how pros confront this issue. I know it's common for bowed instruments to have odd notes, especially larger ones, which mine are (5 strings).

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  • Deo Lawson changed the title to Solving unneveness in the range
6 hours ago, Deo Lawson said:

G above the open A.

That would be 784 Hz.  There is a fairly strong vibration mode right around there, measured at 839 Hz on the Titian and 811 Hz on the Plowden, or G#.  Those are both somewhat small-bodied violins, so on your large 5-string body it might be lowered to G.

You can see the mode shape in the Strad3D animation as shown below.  It is strong movement below the soundpost, and you can easily adjust the strength of the coupling to the bridge by moving the soundpost North (closer to the bridge foot) to weaken it, and vice versa.  Other things happen tonally as well, so you have to play it by ear.  For new construction, assuming you want to weaken the resonance, I'd thicken the areas shown in red as well as the soundpost zone.



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