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Ummmmm T2?

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Lot 292 of the current ( April ) auction is a heavy bow with certificate. Would love to play and see in person.

I know the context of some experimental bows that were recently created, but not one that is older. The history of how it arrived at that weight would be interesting.

Having plenty of wedges that are not being utilized, so hate looking at so many potential instruments. Some pieces look attractive.

There's a bit of the chill in the air out here. Not saying that schools enrollment are down, but some parents are holding out. Have a few parents holding on to borrowed instruments for longer times. Every student's needs are different and mine going off to the top schools will likely not audition for the top ensembles their 1st year. 

There is a local legacy ( 60+ years? ) youth orchestra that folded recently and I know very little of what happened, but Colburn will also build a new hall. There is much to dwell on out here as the arts will continue to be dynamic. These changes split players from collectors meaning that the parents I work with are less likely to bid on anything.

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As a parent, I have mostly learned from experience how little I know and how hard it is to navigate and efficiently use limited funds to give our kid the best tools as a player.

I find myself deeply skeptical of the idea that any parent should or could reasonably navigate auctions, especially something like T2 which from what I can tell seems like a very speculative space.

But as said, my interactions with the violin market have mostly taught me humility mixed with skepticism.


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I like Lot 416.  Seems like it is in good condition.  The later mounted frog and button doesn't bother me one bit because I am not a collector.  Would love to try it out.

Also, seems to be a lot of light Bazin violin bows with certificates.  In particular, a couple of Bazin bows that are not pernambuco (beeswood and/or brazilwood).  I don't know anything about those other woods so I am a bit curious and interested.

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 After a while, you get a sense of what stuff is worth a second look. Always get the damage reports, and remember that, even if something is a no-name German bow, it could be a very nice no-name German bow. 
The Millant piqued my interest, and one other bow that escapes me at the moment. 
A couple cellos, too.

I wish I were a maker, some of the tone wood looks nice, but I’m not. If I bought any of those blocks, they would end up as doorstops.

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