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Hello, I’m hoping someone on here can help me with some questions about an old fiddle my 80 year old mom has that she got from her uncle.She was just going to sell it to a friend for $300 and then I said well let’s see if we can find anything out about it. Inside there is a sticker that says Matthias Kloz in mitten Vvald an der ifer 17. I have googled and found a Violin maker with the same name but the last name is Klotz. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance








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Personally, as a non-luthier, I would take that violin, regardless of who made it, IMMEDIATELY, to a luthier to get that crack fixed before it works its way up to the sound post area, which will forever harm the sound if it gets up that high.  It looks like a cheap crack to fix now.  If it extends further, dramatically increases the cost of repair.

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I suspect that your violin was imported by the Metropolitan Music Company in the 1930s as a new "imitation old" instrument.  If the small label stuck on top of the Klotz label says "Made in Czechoslovakia," I would be certain.  The antiqued varnish looks just like what I have seen on a number of similar Metropolitan imports.  This "Klotz" model was priced at $24 in Metropolitan's 1935 catalog.

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