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Not a Rocca…or IS it?


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You know, I love long stories, but I’ll make this one short because I’m getting old and I don’t have that much time left for long stories. Gotta get to the point.

So I’ve been playing in this orchestra for years and years and years and lo and behold, this dear old violinist friend of mine, has tons of cool stuff in her case, including some bows that I’ll show you later. I asked her what her violin was( Joseph Stamps) and she mentioned a violin she got from her mom that needed new strings, and “…that one is a Rocca.”

I went all goggle-eyed and said, “can I see it?” And she said sure, that she would bring it to the next performance. In the interim, she talked to her mom, who said it’s “probably“ a copy, but we discussed posting photographs here, and and she said that would be fun so here they are.

My question, and her question, too, I guess, is, does this look like anything? Her mother was also a professional violinist and has had this violin forever.

The photos are clumsy because they were taken at intermission during the concert, ha ha, but you Eagle-eye folks can probably tell everything anyway. Here goes!










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2 minutes ago, Michael Darnton said:

Does the label say Giuseppe, or Enrico?

The label says Giuseppe, but my friend said it was an Enrico. I tried to get a photo of the label, but it was awkward and labels usually mean nothing anyway. The date was, I THINK, 1837, but I thought that was too old for Joseph, so maybe it said 1887? I dunno, but I can ask.

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Which is certainly a statistically safe default position to take. (Reminding me of the futurist who made the same prediction every New Years Day and was usually right: "In the coming year nothing of note will happen.") But there are small details for which I'd welcome a more complex opinion.

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9 minutes ago, jacobsaunders said:

You evidently know Philips orchestra better than I do:D

You tell stories about your own orchestra, growing up and I’m sure that some of the people in that orchestra had splendid instruments that were way more than would be expected, great stories. You should share some.

This orchestra is actually quite good.

One of the violists plays a Burgess!

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