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$5K Violin case anyone?


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Aluminum is known as an efficient conductor of heat.  That is why it is used to make cookware.  Wouldn’t a case with an aluminum shell be a nightmare in terms of thermal insulation?  Fiberglass is bad enough.  No, Rue, I would not test drive it in a Canadian winter, or summer for that matter!

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2 hours ago, khunsakee said:

For $5,000 there should be an integral chain and handcuff. Maybe for an extra few hundred bucks that can be added as an option. 

A trigger in the handle attached to hidden integrated machine weapon or sleeping gas.  Also spy credentials. 

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1 hour ago, David Burgess said:

What's up with all the compartments on the vest? Is that because he wouldn't look as cool wearing cargo pants or having a fanny pack? :D

It's because his sporran's too small ... at a bare minimum you need room your sporran for a white pudding and a hip flask, if not a bridie and a half bottle.

I'm not sure what Rue's bodyguard is wearing but it seems to be a bizarre configuration of posing pouches.

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3 hours ago, martin swan said:


I had to look that up. The first things that came up in a Google search were lots of women with the first name "Bridie".
Kinda odd that some parents would give their daughter the name of a succulent meat pie kind of thingy.
Can't figure out if they were hoping for the best, or the worst.  :D

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