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Are these cracks bad of this violin top? What to look for?


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4 minutes ago, Blank face said:

This was a rather cheap violin from the start, and in the actual state (as you pictured in the other thread, with several soundpost and bassbar cracks), virtually worthless. One could ask for a better photo of the second bow in the first photo to see if it has some value, the other is an also cheapish German.

In general I'd like to note, as often before, that these aren't copies of anything, but that such labels were put infinitely often in all sorts of trade instruments; the Stradivarius 1721 label is seen in millions of Mirecourt violins of very different quality (though most of them are like this one).

It would be easier to start only one thread about the same violin.:)

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I assume a professional luthier would have to charge more to repair these cracks than the violin is worth. Are there any amateur repairers near you? A further thought: have you checked that it has not already had a soundpost patch and cleats fitted? You would see them by looking through the tailpin hole. If so, the violin is playable. (But get some decent strings for it!)

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These JTLs are good sounding violins, better for sound than looks, what Geoff says is right, if the cracks are glued and the soundpost crack patched on the inside it may be ok for $200, with no cracks, professionally set up a violin like this would go for about $1000 up to twice that at some high end shops, so they are decent violins, just poor condition on this one

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in total this woudl be $250nzd, so around $170usd. 

i dont mind it being old and tired looking. its only for me to learn violin on. But it would be nice to have decent sound, at least nice enough for me to enjoy learning the violin. 

so with these cracks, do they quite severly affect the sound output? or i would just wont be able to notice it being such a beginner?

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You should only consider it if you are absolutely sure the cracks have been glued, in which case it will not effect the sound but they might open up again which would effect the sound, try tapping on the violin around the cracks to see if it sounds solid or if there's a buzzing kind of distorted sound, that indicates open cracks, they look like they may be glued but you don't know how solidly the repairman glued them, which will factor into their likelihood to fail

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