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35 minutes ago, LCF said:

Think about the difference between a triangle wave and a square wave as an ideal case. Square wave = only odd harmonics

To expound further - my idea is just to find a practical metric that can be standardized and used to measure a change in brightness.  For the purposes of violin repair and adjustment the centroid may be useful in that regard, (I have an after dinner Guinness stout here - these things are pretty good.  Just an aside) but I certainly don't expect it would be totally satisfactory.  It has however the advantage of being recognized and meaningful as a useful metric by professionals in various subfields of acoustics.

We've also heard from some here suggesting methods to increase brightness in a violin.  Relative to the direction that I've been trying to go with my pathetic attempt to hijack this thread, identifying and understanding these methods is key.  If certain techniques can actually affect level of brightness (independently determined e.g. according to consensus by listeners) in a new build or change the timbre of a completed violin, the change may be correlatable to change in the centroid.  I wouldn't expect this particular metric to identify or measure other faults in a violin, or even be universally sufficient for it's intended purpose.  It could be more of a stepping stone or may be useless(!) despite the assertions of the cognoscenti.

So I want to avoid getting very involved in discussions over certainly related but complicating side issues until I'm resigned to making no further progress in the above regard.  If it's of interest then all well and good.  If not, also all well and good.


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