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Chinrest cork contact


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19 hours ago, D27 said:

Can a chinrest be like this? With this particular one, not all the cork is touching the top plate, the contact is only at the edge.


I rarely send a chinrest out the door without modification,  with consideration of the way it will fit and work on a particular violin.

There are not enough photos and perspectives to know what's really going on, but from what little has been shown, the first thing I would suspect is that the clamp retaining holes in the chinrest have been drilled a bit akilter. These can be filled and redrilled, but the best thing in the long run, for anyone who will buy more than two or three chinrests in their lifetime,  might be to find a better chinrest source that knows how to get things right.

My second suspect would be that the clamping mechanism is so sloppy, that is allows severe misalignment between the various parts of the clamp, when under clamping pressure . Either way, if the back surface of the chinrest was intended to align with the ribs, something is way off.

If something about either of those two is way off, correcting either of them may not fix the problem, if doing so results in other clearance issues, like between the chinrest and the tailpiece.

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