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People on this site are always reluctant to commit themselves on what a violin may be "worth". Although the asking price isn't unreasonable, if after proper setting up you decide you don't like it it's unlikely you'd be able to recoup your outlay.

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21 hours ago, Tarquindelacy said:

Thank you very much for taking a look and taking the time to reply. Do you think its worth the price, 360 pounds, I am ignorant in these matters, thanks again

If you have no idea what you are buying, it would seem better to go to a shop, and buy a serviceable instrument there.
Or you can gamble your money away, and hope for the best.

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@Wood Butcher I am no expert on violins that's true, but I have noticed many, many, people post on here asking about origins and valuations, so I am not on my own there. If you have nothing of value to add, why do you post a sarcastic comment, does it give you some kind of pleasure, it certainly made me laugh in its childishness;)

Bye the way thanks for the helpful comments of the people who took their time to answer my question,  without sarcasm, I greatly appreciate it.

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You can take it as you wish, but my comment was intended to be helpful.

Many times someone will buy an instrument, and from online pictures, be unable to tell what work might be needed, in order to make it useable, even at a basic level.
If we take your price of €360, then add in the potential cost of seams to glue, bridge, sound post, peg work, fingerboard adjustment, strings etc. It might have been a better position to have gone to a violin shop, where you could try it out first, have some guarantee.

But, you do you.

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On 2/3/2024 at 10:42 PM, Tarquindelacy said:

Do you think its worth the price, 360 pounds, I am ignorant in these matters, thanks again

It appears to be rather expensive, considering the actual state and all the potential costs to bring it into a playing condition, as he ^ wrote.

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8 hours ago, germain said:

Proper restoration will most likely exceed its value numerous times. Isn't that what insurance companies call "totalled"

I don't wish to be contentious but from the pictures I doubt this violin is in need of major restoration. At best it could be perfectly playable with a new set of strings. It's a lottery of course. 

Contributors to this site have widely differing standards and expectations.

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On 2/3/2024 at 8:52 PM, Blank face said:

It's a Markneukirchen region cottage industry work in need of some set up work.

I would be grateful if you could give some pointers as to what led you to this conclusion. From the pictures provided I cannot see with any degree of confidence any of the features normally associated with the "usual". No blackened pegbox, delta not visible, purfling barely visible, split bottom rib not visible, etc. So we are left with varnish, arching, f-holes, back. Is it just a case of "gut feeling"? or is it you have seen so many you just know? :)

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22 hours ago, Tarquindelacy said:

I apologise,for misunderstanding you. I was in the wrong and admit it. And thanks for your in depth answer it is much appreciated.

No need to apologise, sometimes text doesn't convey the spirit it was intended in, and I'm not always choosing the right words.

If you like it, buy it, just be aware it may need more things done than expected, to put it back into best playing condition.

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21 hours ago, martin swan said:

In this case the style of varnishing ("sunburst") is very distinctive. We can also see the edgework, the purfling, the wood choice, the model and specifically the f-holes - all of which seem to confirm Mk/Sch ...

I tend to think of the "sunburst" effect as being spray finished,so does this point to this violin being an early  20th century Mk/Sch? or could the same  effect be hand applied?

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