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Charles Collin-Mezin pere violin

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17 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

So you don’t think all those fiddles were make by one bloke and an apprentice either?:)

Well if we talk about Charles Jean Baptiste COLLIN-MEZIN we know of 4 workers he had with him:  Chipot-Vuillaume, Mangenot, Gustave Bazin, and his son Charles Louis from 1889.  We also know that neither of them spent the full 1867-1900 with him..
You speak of all of those fiddles but in my experience the one made between 1867 and 1880 are really rare, and the one we usually like best made 1880-1890 are not popping up like crazy either...
In my experience I fail to see hint* that would indicate that his workshop was any bigger than the one of contemporary makers with 2 or 3  aids at most. up until 1890/1900.

Once his son Charles Louis toke over the business, things became more commercial and as Roland Terrier wrote it did ramp up to 10 ish worker.  to that you have to mention collaborator that were external to the workshop but commissioned on occasion, and violin bought else where and sold by them.  And then you had the Grand son ..

So yes it became worse and worse as it became more of a trade:  I've seen my share of bizarre  (like Collin Mezin violin made by Dieudonné , or Pouzol violin sold and made at CM )

* beside all the Jean Baptiste Colin made at Laberte that were "upgraded" to Collin Mezzin
To be honest they are nice too


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one more thing:

after ca 1880  the making inside start to be more standardise,   with signing date etc as seen in one of the above post.

instrument before tends to have things going in every directions... some time they have branding on the top block (a big or a small) and , (I'm not talking about the stamped date his son used)  , sometimes they have branding on the linings, some times in the pegbox .

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