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6 hours ago, isadoren said:

This violin was recently acquired at a flea market in Massachusetts that caught my attention for being distinct from the usual.

To say "its not the usual" is red rag to a bull on this forum :lol:

Anyway, it could be an optical illusion, but are the ribs set in a groove on the back?

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1 hour ago, isadoren said:

I'm having difficulty understanding your query, unfortunately. I'm unsure whether the instrument's apparent uniqueness arises from a lack of professional craftsmanship or genuine and valuable originality. What do you all think?

I am not an expert, but your violin seems to me to be “autodidact” (amateur made),which would explain its eccentric features. “Ribs in the back”, is a term that is used to describe a method of making in which a slot was made in the back all round to accommodate the ribs which were then slotted into them. 

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