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Unknown violin 1802 inside F-hole


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I recently purchased this violin that has no label,  but says 1802 inside the F-hole.  It came with a very worn bow and an old coffin case that had a card in it that states it's from 1788.  Any info would be appreciated. 








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All aspects have seen better days, rough state, low grade.  I can't remember if Sears offered machine heads as a special request/feature, an accessory to order, or if they came by default with some models.  To me, this is that... a classic mail order instrument.  An engraving of a bow with this much tarting up is far more impressive than the actual bow that you receive.  :)

Hopefully someone can give you more specifics on date, since Sears and others made quick instruments for a large window of time.

Is this worth fixing up?  Probably not to most, since there are several cracks running underneath the treble bridge foot. 

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