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Gand&Bernardel bow


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7 hours ago, Spelman said:

Is it me or does it have a terrible crack running the length of the handle?

Tip looks like the bow was dropped at one point

Yes ,looks like a badly repaired crack in the handle. The tip has probably hit something at some point, that how most end up withthe very tip broken off. But cant see any cracks or anything serious on the head.

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I think there’s a small wooden part also missing in the tip, but generally no major damages.

I was wondering if it could be Barbe? (maybe best scenario) 

For curiosity, does anyway know which German makers made bows for Gand&Bernardel?


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Thanks Martin, you are probably right. I was comparing mostly the head. 

I remember reading fiddlecollectors comment about the German makers who supplied occasionally G&B in other post. But I don’t know if there’s more specific info about them. 


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