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What was this violin sold at auction recently?


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A few weeks back i was interested in a nice vuillaume style bow branded Paquotte Freres at a Scottish auction house , but interestingly they had other stuff particularly a violin supposedly by Eugenio Praga. It was also labelled as varnished with 'Whitelaw varnish'.  Most Praga`s ive seen look far more Il Cannone Del Gesu like. Was this genuine or??? It sold for around 5K GBP,which is low if it was a Praga. Even had a stamped bridge. Another lot was a bow branded E Praga Genova. Heres some photos from the auction.













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1 hour ago, Rue said:

Haven't heard of this brand before (no surprise there), but it doesn't look especially "high end" compared to other photos of violins I've been looking at over the years.

Same with the bow.

Am I wrong?

The bow looks very similar to this one sold at Skinners with a Praga violin for over 20K $, if you look at the head and style of adjuster/button.


It was fasionable in the UK in the late 19th / early 20th century to apply whitelaw varnish (which was a well known commercially available varnish at the time.. advertised  everywhere ), to allsorts of instruments ,even put on by well known makers of the time.


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