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Classic import/export violin, but not the cheapest.  Nice quality wood, and the scroll doesn't seem narrow/limited to a small block, but the over all finish is fair.  The chinrest looks to be made from two chinrests.  The number in the pegbox is not a year of production, it's probably a catalog or low grade auction number.

Put cloth behind the tailpiece to prevent the fine tuners from scratching the top.

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5 hours ago, Brad Dorsey said:

What about this photo suggests a through neck to you

If the dark, now red marked area is the endgrain it’s a throughneck. This photo alone doesn’t give much prove (even processed) the others are too much out of focus but don’t seem to support it, so maybe it’s an optical illlusion.

If I the neck is morticed I would think probably Mirecourt, too.



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3 minutes ago, iburkard said:

If you look closely, the dark area (shadow) continues up onto the fingerboard as well.  


If I’m looking closely, I am seeing exactly what I marked above - while others might see that it looks different.

The explanation is that this part of the photo is simply a blurry undefined area where everyone sees what they are expecting, what is the definition of optical illusion.

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6 hours ago, violinsRus said:

the 5th picture in the OP makes it clear to me:


To me, this image helps with the modern neck argument.  They will still debate this image though.  The OP needs to post a better/multiple photos.


6 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

To my eye, the area highlighted looks like the plain at the end of the neck, hence a though-neck.


It's a harsh shadow, which can clearly be seen in the brightened images, cutting across the fingerboard ebony as well.  If you drop basic lines following what you're considering to be that flat zone, it tapers in an odd way.

Think about how the violin is positioned.  We clearly see where the top edge of the top plate contacts the neck.  You wouldn't be able to see this when looking from under the neck.  It's basically a profile shot, or slightly downward profile shot. 

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