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Violin by O.W Brown 1932.


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Good evening. Can anyone help identify the following violin in terms of origin, quality of craftsmanship, and monetary value?

Label seems to read: "Made by O.W Brown, Wheaton, Minn[esota] 1932, #35". 

As far as the 2020 census, Wheaton has a population of 1,460. I haven't found any data about the apparent violin maker, and I was curious if anyone may be able to shed some light on this?

I'd genuinely appreciate any insight here.

Many thanks in advance.20231114_195549.thumb.jpg.10e0a92f8c4963972f7259c7bd316cce.jpg20231114_195544.thumb.jpg.d67ec459f6b94a18306ad576b4e53862.jpg20231114_195515.thumb.jpg.4b4e2ceb3b53fd04d08107cfb446b145.jpg20231114_195530.thumb.jpg.1dd438767306cd0e009c2f63dab032a5.jpg20231114_195515.thumb.jpg.4b4e2ceb3b53fd04d08107cfb446b145.jpg20231114_195519.thumb.jpg.a1877a95a278736b5b3961ec2002753c.jpg20231114_195524.thumb.jpg.59eba6420fbaa40d4ed1237be6cc6dcb.jpg20231114_195534.thumb.jpg.ca8175d93be81f6321591b782a8c5ba3.jpg20231114_195537.thumb.jpg.c7fd028ffad6b2370c1033f6f03e9c05.jpg20231112_203226.thumb.jpg.68bd6784371e4b6d3f06ea63e558a948.jpg20231114_195511.thumb.jpg.5e201ee30700e2392ca508be0f7d8e57.jpg20231112_203226.thumb.jpg.68bd6784371e4b6d3f06ea63e558a948.jpg20231114_195511.thumb.jpg.5e201ee30700e2392ca508be0f7d8e57.jpg20231114_195549.thumb.jpg.10e0a92f8c4963972f7259c7bd316cce.jpg

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1 hour ago, kubasa said:

I'd recommend reaching out to Christian Eggert Violins in Duluth, MN.  The owner was very knowledgeable about Minnesota made violins from the last century.  I don't know if that owner is still there or not but it's worth a try.


I think labelled in Minnesota would be a more accurate description.

It looks like a cheaper version of the usual, to me.

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