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I was just reading though the topic on Strad posters and why they are no longer free. Well the were always free from my point of view. In fact they cost an absolute fortune for me to produce at a time when no internet or similar gadgetry was available. They were not paid for, because for many years only words were paid for. Article Illustrations and posters were not considered worth paying for. Over the years i spent many thousands of hours on such work all gratis, before the Strad had the idea to reproduce and sell them without ever having consulted me. Jacob Saunders told the story about Anne Inglis coming to Bremen and persuading me to write for the Strad. The posters were a later addition to our very productive relationship, but reading this blog got me thinking how much I would like to contact her again. I've seen many pieces by Anne so I know that she is still active, but in this modern paranoid world getting information about anyone is seriously difficult,, if perhaps understandable. My question is does anyone know where she is or how I might contact her. Thats it for now because I have reached the end of my typing ability for today. Love to all, Roger

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The site had a bit of a wobbler the other week, and it might have been a result of that.

The answer is you can not be sure which, between the templates, and the poster, are most accurate. The only way to know, is to have measured the violin yourself.

I would not expect commercial templates to be very accurate, more of a generic shape. We all know that some of the Strad posters had a number of printing errors in the past, the newer posters may be better, but I do not know.

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