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The Correct Way to Buy an Instrument/Bow - IMHO


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I have read, reviewed, and contributed to many threads regarding the choosing and purchase of a violin and bow.  

I am neither a professional violinist nor a luthier, but I know enough to get by.

I have, at often times, broken my own rules and went against the advice of many.  In the end, my own personal and general rule has always been to go with what sounds best and what plays best.  Disregard names, brands, provenance, age, price until you narrow down your field of options.  There is always the factor of whether an instrument or bow has limitations as to personal growth and future potential, but you also don't want to buy a Ferarri before you learn to drive.  The ultimate return on investment should be based upon how much you play on, enjoy, and learn with/from your tools. You'd be surprised at the result.

Here is a great YouTube on choosing a violin bow, which I find quite applicable to choosing a violin.  In fact, this video is a companion video to choosing a violin.



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