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This violin seemed pretty interesting to me because of the head carved on it, and corresponding a man who gave me it, it is more than 100 y.o. It has no labels, i changed strings G and D and it sounds pretty nice to me. I thought it may be one the Mittenwald violins, but i am not really sure because i am not an expert.












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29 minutes ago, GeorgeH said:

No. "The turn of the 20th century" is generally regarded as 1890 to 1910.

I am genuinely curious how you differentiate a Markneukirchen/Schönbach violin from the "end of 19th C" from one made in the beginning of the 20th C (pre-WWI).

You are welcome to your own private definition of “Turn of the century”. Perhaps someone else can make sense of it.  End of the century/start of the century/turn of the century:unsure:

These instruments with the horrible cat head often have a roughly hewn out belly, and are therefore pre-Thau machine. Otherwise one is condemned to guesswork

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