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Violoncello Da Spalla Plans or poster


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On 9/13/2023 at 3:02 PM, Michelle_uk said:

Hi everyone

I have just seen a Violoncello Da Spalla for the first time and wondered if anyone knows of any posters or detailed plans available. I have had a search but have not been able to find anything. 

thank you. 

It's not easy to find tech drawings on these. Part of the issue is that none survive (if they were ever made) by Cremona luthiers of the classic period. Despite the efforts of certain writers on the topic, it has not been shown beyond a doubt that these instruments were a serious phenomenon outside a small area of the German speaking world ( and even then it's unclear if the surviving instruments were used in the way suggested). I was excited when I first heard of them many years ago and embarked on a similar quest, but stopped when I couldn't overcome skepticism as to their historicity. Best of luck going forward! I think they could be fun and interesting in a variety of musical styles. 

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