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Any idea what this is?


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EDLAVITCH, Charles J. Born 1874 Jonàva Lithuania, d.c.1930 Baltimore, Maryland USA. Pupil of Y. Tefira in Jonàva. Active from 1890. Emigrated to the USA 1900. Established in Baltimore. Highly professional and prolific work on classical Cremonese modelling with distinctive Bohemian touches. Hard darkly coloured varnish. Credited with 400 violins, 20 violas, and 28 cellos. Chas. J. Edlavitch / Baltimore... - John Dilworth


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Maybe it  looks like it might be designed to go over the d string with the leather pads against the back of the bridge, applying progressive damping to the 3 lower strings as it was pressed lower. That would make the assymetrical  geometry and arc of the handle conform to the bridge  crest.

 From the instruments offered for sale that show up with a search, Charles Edlavitsch wasn't  exactly an amateur.

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5 hours ago, iburkard said:

The small slit could be for a jeweler style saw blade?  The leather pads look like slip prevention.

Along those lines, maybe a template for sawing the circular end holes in f-holes.  Is the cut-out the right size for that?


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I'm curious to know.  Some kind of mute maybe?  Patent applied for but you don't see a patent number on it?  Since the wood one has a leather pad that makes me think it was meant to be in contact with some part of the instrument that you don't want to get scratched.  

What about slide it down on the D or A string with the slot on the string behind the bridge, would it work as a mute?   Or in front of the bridge maybe? 

The big hole in the wood one though doesn't make sense.  Maybe it's a sight so you can see the bow better. :D

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