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Please help with this enigma code


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Guys, what you see is written down with a pencil on a back plate above the label inside the violin.

It is a first letter of a name and a full surname I suppose.

It is hard to read that surname even with my nose nearly pushed through the f-hole. Forgive me, I did my best to provide best possible photos in order to ask for help.

What can you see?

Ps. The violin is of XIX century Czech origin.








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I don't think  it's WERNAR. After the WE, I see 4 vertical lines leaning to the right followed by one vertical line leaning left, then the letter R. Those last two lines almost certainly form an A, leaving 3 vertical lines to form other letters. RN would require 4 vertical lines, two for the R and two for the N, so you run out of lines before you can form WERNAR. There's a bit of the wood's grain sort of "connecting" the first two vertical lines which at first glance can look like a pencil mark, which could mislead someone into thinking the two lines were part of the same letter, but I don't think they are.
It looks to me like E WEINAR, but I have very little confidence in that, since it's not hard for variation in the wood itself to look like faint pencil marks, and googling that name yields nothing.

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